To pass to Bozcaada, you have to go to Geyikli Pier located in Ezine District of Çanakkale. You can set foot in Bozcaada by taking the car ferry between Geyikli and Bozcaada. You can find up-to-date information about the GESTAŞ Ferry Service by clicking on this link. How you will go to Bozcaada from where you are is entirely your pleasure. (BY CAR / ISTANBUL – ANKARA – IZMIR)


There are two different routes for departing from Istanbul.

First Route

There are also two alternatives for crossing İstanbul-Bozcaada by road. For the first one, you can go down the road from Tekirdağ to Gallipoli, where you can take the ferry to Lapseki.

There are no big differences in timing between these two alternatives. Therefore, you can choose your choice according to the density. You can click here for detailed information about the ferry services operated by GESTAŞ on both routes.

Second Route

As a second option, you can take the fast-ferry between Yenikapı and Bandırma. For this purpose, you can go to Yenikapı by ferry to Bandirma and come to Ezine via Biga, Can, Bayramiç Road and then you can go to Geyikli and go to Bozcaada from Geyikli Pier. You can reach the updated information about the ferries which organized by İDO between Yenikapı and Bandırma by clicking this link.


Those who depart from İzmir are expecting a pleasant, abundant route of 297 kilometers. If you come from İzmir to Bozcaada, you can follow the Aliağa-Ayvalık-Ezine route to Geyikli Pier


Those who depart from Ankara are waiting for a road of 726 kilometers, which will take about 8 hours. If you want to come from Ankara to Bozcaada, you can follow Eskişehir, Bilecik, Bursa, Çan, Bayramiç, Ezine and go to Geyikli Pier.


You can reach Bozcaada directly by bus from cities such as İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir during the summer months where the interest in Bozcaada is intense. These buses will take you to Geyikli Pier. Then you have to finish your travel to the island by ferry. If you will come out of these three cities or visit Bozcaada outside of the season, you will be able to reach Çanakkale or Ezine Bus Station from the city that you are in. From here, you can take a taxi or minibuses to the Geyikli Pier and set foot in Bozcaada by the island-ferry.

You can view the estimated time of bus journeys between the big cities and the Geyikli Pier below.

İstanbul 7 hours Ankara 12 HoursBursa 6 HoursEskişehir 9 Hours İzmir 5 Hours Alanya 16 Hours


If you prefer to go to Bozcaada by plane, it is obvious that you are on the route: Canakkale Airport. Although it changes in certain periods of the year, flights from Ankara and İstanbul are coming down regularly. Therefore, if you are in a city other than Ankara or İstanbul, you can come to Çanakkale Airport by transfer. After arriving at the airport, you can take a taxi directly to Geyikli Pier. If you wish, you can take a taxi or minibus to the Çanakkale Bus Terminal, and you can reach Geyikli Pier by bus.