Frequently Asked Questions
You can find answers to questions that you wonder about the event in here.

What are the categories in the race?

The event will be held in 21K Semi-Marathon and 10K categories. Before the beginning of these two categories, Children's Run and "We’re Running With Pakize" will also be organized.

When is the race?

adidas Bozcaada Semi-Marathon and 10K Run will be held on May 18, 2019, Saturday.

What is the time of the race?

adidas Bozcaada 21K Semi-Marathon will start at 11:00, and the 10K Run at 11:15.

What are the conditions to participate in the race?

Those who are over 18 years old and have no health problems can participate in Semi-Marathon, those who are over 16 years old and those who have no health problems can participate 10K Run.

What should I do to register?

Online registration is required for adidas Bozcaada 21K Semi-Marathon and 10K Run. In order to be registered, the registration form on must be completed completely and the registration fee must be paid. After completing the registration process, you can check your registration by querying your Turkish Identity Number or Passport Number on the Register Query page. Registrations for the Children's Run and We’re Running With Pakize will be held on the day of the race.

What should I do for batch registration?

You can contact us via for batch registration.

What is the deadline for the registration?

For adidas Bozcaada 21K Semi-Marathon and 10K Run, the registrations will end on 17 May 2019, Friday at 14:00. Late registration will not be made after this date.